Club Rules

The below rules are correct and up to date as of 26/05/2019:

  1. Pegging will be sorted prior to draw,  and fishing must be done from allocated pegs only. You are permitted to fish up to the mid-way point between your peg and the next
  2. Disc numbers drawn to allocate your assigned peg may not be same number as the actual venue’s peg numbering system but in this event we will have a marker on the peg identifying it. Pegs will be allocated to a relevant disc prior to draw
  3. Draw times will be 9am, may differ on odd match depending on distance or unforeseen circumstances
  4. Fishing times will be 10:15am until 3:15pm and matches will be 5 hours in duration, unless otherwise specified
  5. Bait limit of 8 pint max on all matches no exception
  6. No pole cups allowed over water before all in, Cad pots must not be on pole until call for all in and no prebaiting, anyone found doing so will be disqualified from weigh in
  7. Club net weight limit to be 60lb unless fishery stipulate different higher/lower limit
  8. Keepnets to be put behind to dry and can be put in water ten minutes prior to all in, a call will be made for this by an official
  9. Only one rod/pole line to be fished at any time, plumbing up is allowed but this means NO BAIT
  10. All monies need to be sorted 10 mins prior to draw
  11. Any disputes must be brought up and dealt with within 10 mins of completed weigh in, or results stand
  12. All out means all out, no extra slaps or wait for bite, we will allow a 15min extension for fish on call, to allow landing of fish but must be in keepnet within this time, people will have to help monitor this  across venues, if this rule gets abused and arguments start where people trying to take advantage of others occurs, then will have no option than to deem all out as end of match and no fish shall be netted after call
  13. The weigh in will be chosen on the day by drawing two peg numbers out, these two anglers will control weigh sling and scales official will write results
  14. Anglers must be ready at nets for weigh in, unless arranged with someone else to do it, unattended nets will not be weighed in
  15. Keepnets with fish must be placed on provided cushioned fish mat, no rolling fish down nets, simple place net on mat grab second loop and pull through
  16. Two keepnets per angler must be put in water at start of match, lots of fisheries already stipulate this
  17. 60lb net limit, where:
    1. Nets between 60-65lbs will be given benefit of doubt and count as 60lbs
    2. Nets over 65lbs will be disqualified, unless 3 net rule
  18. Maximum of three nets as long as fish  distributed as evenly as possible can go over net limit
  19. As from 2020 season we will be booking 20+ peg venues, these pegs will be offered to regular fishers first on a first come basis, to prevent the club losing money
  20. Members will be capped at 25
  21. All membership fees must be paid prior to draw on 1st league match, or you will not be allowed to fish
  22. When phone message goes out must respond ASAP with a simple yes/no to calculate number fishing quick, to enable guests to fill pegs
  23. Guest can fish for pools but can not win trophies, points or entry into other events
  24. There is also no such thing as “just turning up to fish”; everyone helps out if needed and contributes their fair share to the running of the matches and club
  25. No rubbish to be left on pegs after match, clear your peg – anyone found to be littering will be disqualified from results and awarded 0lbs
  26. No scooping fish
  27. No intentional foul hooking
  28. No putting dead fish in net
  29. Anyone booking on match and not turning up to match will pay his peg fee prior to fishing next match, unless at least 48 hours notice is given, with no exceptions
  30. The officials decision on the day is final
  31. Anyone found to be bringing the club reputation into disrepute will be apropriately investigated and dismissed accordingly
  32. No fixed feeders/methods or bombs or bolt rigs, all must be free running, X-Safe feeders are ok if allowed by fishery
  33. All fishery rules override ours, but club rules run along side
  34. No walking around venue prior to match except for official(s) pegging venue
  35. All meetings will be done over a chat page, anyone not present with be sent minutes prior message or WhatsApp. Any further changes will be voted upon, via text message reply and a deadline time will be issued at time of text – replies after this time will not be included in vote
  36. Trophies must be returned one month prior to presentation, we do not run a collection service
  37. Wild card points for missed matches will be worked out automatically by the website database application as the season progresses. These points only come into play if you miss a match and are worked out on the basis of the individual angler’s current overall points in the league divided by number of matches in league:
    As a formula:
    anglers current total points / (divided by) / total number of matches in league
  38. The point system is as follows:
    1. 29 points
    2. 27 points
    3. 26 points
    4. 25 points
    5. … and so on down to 1 point
  39. Some leagues may be desginated as having a 2 point bonus applied each match to all attendees, e.g. if you fish 12 matches you will receive 24 points over league period, if you fish 10 matches you will receive 20 points. This is to encourage attendance and improve match day figures. This point addition will be clearly labelled on the applicable leagues.
  40. The club reserves the right to amend rules at anytime
  41. All members are expected to follow all of the above rules

By becoming a member you acknowledge the above rules and agree to abide by them. Failure to do so will result in consequences and potential dismissal from the club.

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