About ERB Angling Club

Where it all began…

ERB Angling is a social and competitive match angling/fishing club primarily based in Eccles, Salford, Manchester (UK).

The club was founded in 2011 during a discussion over a pint of beer with a few friends in the Unicorn Pub in Eccles. From there, it was agreed that a local angling team should be created; with the intention to give local anglers an outlet and regular exposure to match fishing, in a friendly and relaxed club atmosphere.

ERB Angling Club Photo taken in 2018

We fish a wide variety of commercial coarse fishing venues in and around the North West of the UK. We are regulars to venues such as Moss Farm, Bradshaw Hall, Blundells, Meadow View, Lloyds Meadow, Sycamore and the famous Partridge Lakes.

Our catchment area for club members extends as far as Greater Manchester, and we generally welcome anyone to apply who has the means of transport to attend club fixtures and events. The vast majority of our members however are locals.

Many friends have been made. Many awards have been won, and the club continues to go from strength to strength.

Each and every season is getting more and more exciting and our club improves for the better as we learn from our lessons and expand our horizons.

Our custom-built database to manage our Club Season and League Matches

In the spirit of continually improving the club, we have commisioned the development of a custom and purpose built database system designed to run as a WordPress plugin. This gives us complete functionality to manage our club, seasons, leagues, members, venues, awards and much more.

ERB Angling Club Manager – Our admin dashboard for managing club leagues, match fixtures, results, members, venues, and more via the Fishing Club’s WordPress plugin.

Screenshots of our admin dashboard and WP plugin’s functionality:

Inputting match results is easier than ever and results are published instantly after the weigh in on the bank side. Our Angling Club Management Plugin takes out all of the hard work so we can focus on the match day.

The whole database is dynamically updated, and publishing match results is a breeze. It also gives members the ability to track their achievements, progress and match results at the touch of a button.

Gone are the days of managing a fishing club on paper and losing hours to calculating match results and league standings.

More screenshots of our custom WordPress Fishing Club Plugin:

Mobile/tablet version:

Same admin dashboard, except in desktop mode:

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