Matches & Results

Sat 15th Jun

League Match
Summer 2024
Draw Water Venue
9:00AM Lake 9Bradshaw Hall

Match Results

Angler Weight Peg PointsPts
1stMartin Wall57lbs 11oz1529
2ndAlan Wakefield48lbs 12oz827
3rdRob Crompton39lbs 6oz2126
4thJay Suggett36lbs 0oz1925
5thDaz Gleaves31lbs 15oz324
6thTom Rowell30lbs 11oz1223
7thDarren Bromley22lbs 1oz222
8thPaul Smith20lbs 9oz1721
9thAdam Smith20lbs 5oz1720
10thTony Stewart18lbs 15oz1119
11thChris Bayliss16lbs 6oz2318
12thDaniel Thomas15lbs 13oz1617
13thPaul Leonard12lbs 0oz2016
14thColin Newton11lbs 14oz115
15thBill Ainsworth11lbs 2oz1314
16thAlan Bates10lbs 12oz2213
17thAndy Openshaw8lbs 10oz912
18thCarl Farr7lbs 12oz1811
19thShaun Dullaghan6lbs 6oz1010
20thTommy Knox4lbs 5oz79
21stDale Newton3lbs 2oz58
DNWRoy Taylor0lbs 0oz40
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