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Summer 2024
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Leaderboard Rankings for Summer 2024
Member (**)Weight PointsPts (*)
1stDaz Gleaves521lbs 15oz202
2ndRob Crompton512lbs 14oz190
3rdMartin Wall405lbs 11oz184
4thJay Suggett334lbs 12oz183.4
5thShaun Dullaghan432lbs 13oz180
6thDaniel Thomas362lbs 11oz170
7thAlan Wakefield366lbs 11oz169.9
8thColin Newton319lbs 7oz166.5
9thPaul Leonard288lbs 14oz157
10thCarl Farr245lbs 3oz144
11thTom Rowell239lbs 9oz123.8
12thTommy Knox192lbs 8oz122
13thAndy Openshaw142lbs 6oz114.8
14thAlan Bates206lbs 15oz111
15thChris Bayliss126lbs 12oz110.3
16thAdam Smith163lbs 6oz106.9
17thPaul Smith266lbs 5oz103.5
18thBill Ainsworth141lbs 3oz103.5
19thRoy Taylor139lbs 11oz92
20thJim Renshaw114lbs 5oz86.6
21stNeil Hardiker126lbs 12oz70.9
22ndDale Newton121lbs 4oz56.3
23rdTony Stewart60lbs 9oz47.3
24thDarren Bromley61lbs 7oz42.8

(*) - dynamic wildcard point averages are already applied to the above table, they are updated each time a match result is published and your overall average changes. See below to find out how many points your wildcard is currently worth.

(**) - guest anglers are excluded from this leaderboard, click here to include guests.

Wildcard(s) Used

MemberCurrent Wildcard Value
Jay Suggett20.4 pts
Alan Wakefield18.9 pts
Colin Newton18.5 pts
Carl Farr16.0 pts
Tom Rowell13.8 pts
Andy Openshaw12.8 pts
Chris Bayliss12.3 pts
Adam Smith11.9 pts
Paul Smith11.5 pts
Bill Ainsworth11.5 pts
Jim Renshaw9.6 pts
Neil Hardiker7.9 pts
Dale Newton6.3 pts
Tony Stewart5.3 pts
Darren Bromley4.8 pts

Biggest Fish Caught

MatchMemberSpeciesFish Weight
21/04/2024Daz GleavesCarp10lbs 8oz
01/06/2024Paul SmithCarp10lbs 5oz
01/06/2024Daniel ThomasCarp9lbs 14oz

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