Jim Renshaw (Active Member)

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Summer 2013
Summer 2024

Current Form: Over Matches

My match performance averages over the past 2 matches fished:

Avg. Position Avg. Weight Avg. Points
17th 19lbs 2oz 15.5

My Performance Stats

86 matches fished
Best Weight Top 10 Finishes Podium Finishes
58lbs 11oz 35 4

My Club Trophies & Awards

I do not have any club awards yet

My Match Results

15th01/06/202447lbs 2oz14
18th19/05/202419lbs 14oz11
9th07/04/202418lbs 6oz20
17th17/09/202312lbs 14oz12
10th03/09/202330lbs 6oz19
15th05/08/202322lbs 9oz14
10th23/07/202319lbs 5oz19
12th08/07/202338lbs 14oz17
14th25/06/202351lbs 6oz15
DNW11/06/20230lbs 0oz0
11th28/05/202316lbs 8oz18
14th13/05/202314lbs 11oz15
10th30/04/202326lbs 12oz19
6th16/04/202340lbs 12oz23
12th18/09/202216lbs 13oz17
4th03/09/202224lbs 10oz25
7th20/08/202248lbs 7oz22
8th06/08/202246lbs 10oz21
10th26/06/202215lbs 14oz19
17th01/05/202218lbs 4oz12
8th17/04/202258lbs 11oz21
3rd26/03/202216lbs 6oz26
10th12/09/20213lbs 0oz19
8th15/08/202124lbs 12oz21
12th18/07/202123lbs 3oz17
9th04/07/202114lbs 3oz20
12th09/05/202128lbs 7oz17
15th25/04/202129lbs 14oz14
DNW11/04/20210lbs 0oz0
DNW11/04/20210lbs 0oz---
DNW12/09/20200lbs 0oz0
14th16/08/202011lbs 9oz15
DNW18/07/20200lbs 0oz0
12th20/06/202013lbs 0oz17
6th24/11/20190lbs 3oz23
4th10/11/201930lbs 11oz25
9th12/10/20199lbs 14oz20
DNW11/08/20190lbs 0oz0
10th14/07/201918lbs 4oz19
10th16/06/201917lbs 15oz19
13th01/06/20194lbs 1oz16
13th19/05/201912lbs 6oz16
11th01/09/20185lbs 1oz18
10th18/08/201816lbs 15oz19
5th04/08/201833lbs 9oz24
11th22/07/201831lbs 6oz18
14th09/07/201812lbs 12oz15
11th24/06/20186lbs 6oz18
13th10/06/20184lbs 5oz16
DNW27/05/20180lbs 0oz0
15th13/05/201818lbs 8oz14
10th29/04/201816lbs 10oz19
10th15/04/201820lbs 14oz19
DNW01/04/20180lbs 0oz---
24/09/201721lbs 12oz---
11th10/09/201713lbs 13oz18
6th03/09/201742lbs 14oz23
14th20/08/20174lbs 11oz15
16th23/07/201715lbs 12oz13
13th08/07/201714lbs 14oz16
10th24/06/201716lbs 13oz19
7th11/06/201719lbs 8oz22
6th14/05/201729lbs 13oz23
21st30/04/20177lbs 9oz8
11th23/04/20177lbs 3oz18
DNW01/04/20170lbs 0oz---
5th17/09/201619lbs 2oz24
9th04/09/201610lbs 12oz20
10th20/08/201616lbs 11oz19
2nd06/08/201619lbs 9oz27
16th24/07/201613lbs 8oz13
4th10/07/20168lbs 13oz25
14th25/06/20165lbs 2oz15
14th11/06/201615lbs 14oz15
DNW29/05/20160lbs 0oz0
17th15/05/20160lbs 8oz12
5th30/04/20168lbs 2oz24
22nd17/04/20160lbs 0oz7
2nd14/02/201618lbs 3oz27
14th20/09/2015103lbs 15oz15
10th05/04/20152lbs 5oz---
4th05/10/201415lbs 15oz25
13th04/10/201486lbs 14oz16
9th12/04/20147lbs 0oz---
DNW05/10/20130lbs 0oz0
6th04/08/201353lbs 4oz23
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